Privacy Policy

Cipriani Industria s.p.a. with registered office at Losson della Battaglia – Meolo (VE) – Via Capo d’Argine 45, and CIPRIANI USA, INC., a Delaware Corporation, with registered office at 110 East 42nd Street, New York, New York 10017 (the “Company” or “Cipriani”) are the data controllers, which determine the means and purposes of processing the personal data of all users (the “User”) of the website (the “Website”).
This privacy policy is provided in accordance to the national and European Regulation no. 679/2016 – General Data Protection Regulation, or any other regulation issued by any authority for the protection of personal data.


Personal Data (or Data)

Personal Data means any and all information which, directly or indirectly or jointly to any other information, identify or make a person identifiable.


The Website automatically collects information, including, but not limited to: IP address or domain name of the personal computer used by the User to browse the Website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), timing, the method used to connect to the server, dimension of the file requested, code number indicating the status of the request, the country of the User, information on the browser and the operating system of the User, the type of product added to cart and/or purchased, timing of the access to the Website and timing of browsing, details on the itinerary through the Website, with focus on the sequence of the pages viewed, and parameter of the operative system and the IT environment of the User.


Users are any and all persons using the Website which, otherwise defined, is also the Interested Party.

Interested Party

The Interested Party is the person to which refers the collected Personal Data.

Data Processor

The person or legal entity, public administration and or any other entity that processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller, according to this privacy policy.

Data Controller

Cipriani Industria S.p.A. with registered office at Losson della Battaglia – Meolo (VE) – Via Capo d’Argine 45, C.F. e P. IVA 01836320273.
CIPRIANI USA, INC., a Delaware Corporation, with registered office at 110 East 42nd Street, New York, New York 10017.


The Website, through which Users’ Personal Data are collected.


The Service supplied by the Website, as defined under the Website Terms and Conditions.


Cipriani Industria S.p.A. with registered office at Losson della Battaglia – Meolo (VE), tax code 01836320273 and CIPRIANI USA, INC., a Delaware Corporation, with registered office at 110 East 42nd Street, New York, New York 10017 are Data Controllers. Data Controllers may appoint a Data Processors in order to process Personal Data for the purposes indicated below and a Data Protection Officer or DPO, who will assess the protection of the personal data. Users may contact the Data Controller at any time, sending a question or request regarding their Personal Data by sending an email to this email address:


The Personal Data collected through the Website, directly or through third parties, include but is not limited to: email address, name, surname, date of birth, gender, address for delivery, phone number, cookies. If the User uses social media to register, Cipriani will have access to certain Personal Data (including name, surname, email etc.) included in the User social media account in accordance to the social media terms and conditions of use.
Personal Data may be directly provided by the User or collected automatically during the use of the Website through the Cookies.
If not otherwise indicated, all Personal Data required by the Website are mandatory. If the User refuses to communicate the Personal Data, Cipriani could not be able to provide the Service. In case the Website indicates some Personal Data as optional, the Users may avoid communicating those Personal Data, without any consequence on the availability or function of the Service. The Users may contact the Data Controller, in order to verify which Personal Data are mandatory.
Users represent and warrant that they own the Personal Data and they are referred to the User itself. Users are being liable of such representation and keep the Data Controller harmless from any liability toward third parties.


Data processing methods

Data Controller uses specific security methods in order to guarantee that data processing is compliant to the regulation on the protection of personal data and in order to avoid the access, the unauthorized disclosure, the manipulation or destruction of the Personal Data.
The Personal Data collected on the Website are stored in Italy and are not disclosed, they will not be sold, or transferred to third parties, save if it is provided by the law and except for the transfer of Personal Data to the entities appointed by the Data Controller to perform specific activities and/or, more in general, in their favour if they act as independent Data Controller and/or Data Processor, and the notification and/or disclosure of Personal Data required by the law, or authorities, courts, or other public entities for the aim of defence or State security or prevention, assessment or repression of crime.
As an example, Data Controller may communicate the Interested Party’s Personal Data to:
The complete list of the data processors is available, any time, upon request of the Interested Person to the mail address indicated below.

Storage and transfer

The Personal Data are processed at the Data Controller registered offices. We ensure processing is made according to this privacy policy and with a proper level of protection. Personal Data might be transferred out of the UE to be stored in server used by Cipriani or external Data Processors specifically appointed. The transfer of Data is made by Cipriani, subject to execution of standard contractual agreement which shall be compliant to the forms used by the European Commission with server suppliers and/or service suppliers, or upon registration of the external data processor in the “Privacy Shield” system.

Storage period

The Data are processed and stored for the time required by the specific purpose of the collection, always taking into account the minimization principle and for a period not longer than the time required for the purposes of the collection and processing.
In general, the Data shall be stored until the first date among:
The following categories of data may be stored for a longer time:
At the end of the storage period the Personal Data shall be cancelled. Thus, at the end of that term, the right to access, delete, modify and the right of portability of the Data shall no longer be exercised.


Users’ Data are collected for the purpose of providing and optimize the Services and also for:
For any further information related to the collected Personal Data and each purpose, User may contact the Data Controller to this address:


Collection of Personal Data is mandatory:
The Interested Party is free to provide its data and provide the consent. However, the refusal to provide the Personal Data and the related consent for the Contractual Purposes and the Law Purposes shall prevent the Company from executing the agreement and, if it has already been executed, to complete its execution. Users may deny the consent for Legitimate Interest Purposes.
Users may at any time request to the Data Controller for which purposes the Personal Data are collected and if it is legally grounded, provided by any agreement or necessary to execute the agreement with the User.


Users may enforce certain rights on the Personal Data collected by the Data Controller, including:
If the Interested Person intend to exercise the right provided under this article 7, it shall contact the data Controller to the following mail address:

Details on the right to object

When Personal Data are processed for public interest, as execution of public powers of which the Data Controller is vested or for a legitimate interest of the Data Controller, Users have the right to object to the processing of their Data for reasons connected to their special status. Users may ask the Data Controller to stop sending newsletters at any time and with no need to provide any explanation, by following the instruction indicated in the newsletter.

How to exercise Users’ right

In order to exercise their rights, Users may address a request to the Data Controller to the contact details indicated in this document. Requests are processed by the data Controller as soon as possible.


This Website uses Cookie. Cookies are small text content that the Website sends to the Users’ device, where they are registered to be then sent back to the Website upon the following visit to the same Website.
IT Systems and software procedures of the Website register certain personal data which are common to the IP address. Those data are collected and associated to specific subjects, and for their nature may allow the identification of the User. This type of data includes IP address or domain name of personal computers used by the Users to browse the Website, the URI address (Uniform Resource Identifier), timing of the request, the method used to send the request to the server, the file dimension of the reply, the code number indicating the status of the reply form the server (successful, error) and other parameters related to the operative system and to the informatics environment of the User. This kind of data, collected in aggregated way by means of so called “analytic” cookies are used only to obtain statistics and anonymous information on the use of the Website and to control if it works correctly. Those data could be used also if necessary in order to assess any liability for IT crimes which damaged the Website.
The use of the so called “session cookies” (which are temporarily recorded on the Users’ personal computer and are cancelled upon closing) is strictly limited to data aimed to identify the session (casual numbers generated by the server) which are necessary to allow a secure and efficient use of the Website.
The Website also uses the so called “technical” cookies that can be used by the Data Controller without the Users’ consent, save for the need to provide this privacy policy, and cookies for the purpose of profiling and direct marketing, to make the User watch spots or to send newsletters regarding products and/or personalized services, closer to the Users’ needs and interest. The Website contains third parties’ cookies for the same purposes indicated above, upon which the Data Controller has no control. The User may accept or refuse the processing of data by means of cookies for profiling and marketing. The majority of browsers automatically accept cookies and then the User shall change the settings of the browser.



Users’ Personal Data may be used by the Data Controller in a proceeding or in the preliminary phases of a proceeding regarding the abuse of the Website or of the Services provided to the User.
Users acknowledge of being aware that the Data Controller might be obliged to disclose the Data upon order of a public authority.

Other information not included in this privacy policy

For any further information related to the processing of Personal Data contact the Data Controller at this address:

Privacy policy changes

The Data Controller reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, by notifying the Users through this page. Please read this page regularly, referring to the date of last change, indicated below. In case the changes to this privacy policy are not accepted by the Users, they shall not use the Website and they shall ask to the Data Controller to delete their Data. Save as otherwise stated, the previous privacy policy shall apply to the Personal Data collected until then.